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Service of external services of hotel – the segment of a control system of hotel property having four general modifications of program modules: booking, management of a number of rooms, calculations with clients, the general management.

Managers of high level spend the most part of the working hours on implementation of functions of planning and control. Managers of lower level (are linear, occupied with more selection of shots and the organization of work. Managers of any level are estimated by two main criteria of productivity: opportunity to reach desirable result and efficiency, opportunity to reach this result with the smallest expenses.

Responsibility for adoption of the common administrative decisions lies on the top management of management. Divisions are functional links, each of which uses the specific technology, but contain, they have one common goal –

Control system of hotel property – the computer Fidelio system serving a hotel cycle within three main segments: service of external services; service of internal services; software of interfaces.

The manager carries out organizational function, analyzing activity and making decisions necessary for achievement of the objectives. He groups in organizational structure and chooses the personnel for their performance.

Managers need to define influence of organizational structure and methods of the organization of work on behavior and activity of staff of the company. The structure is also the main component of effective corporate strategy. The organizational structure indissolubly connects process of management and behavior of people on a workplace.

Service of guests during accommodation is reduced to extension of term of accommodation, transfer of the guest from one number to another (in necessary cases), to collection of a payment for accommodation, the organization of providing additional services in desire of the client.