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ASB group develops the main directions of development of system. Thanks to these systems time of booking of the ticket along any route is reduced several times. The booking system of tickets is connected with a booking system of hotels that is also very convenient for passengers.

Features of air-transport marketing are substantially caused by specifics of the market. This market has quite difficult structure where various internal and external relations intertwine. It is open system, that is such system which elements interact with environment. At the same time he acts as an integral part of more general system of the world economy.

Airlines offer in the market specific goods — movement. Consumption of these goods happens directly in the course of its production therefore it is possible to estimate the size of its offer in the market only an indirect way.

The final stage of marketing planning is development of the system of control — control of sales and profitability of airline, and also the analysis of efficiency of marketing actions for the main directions joins here. the system of marketing control of Aeroflot contains information on as far as results of activity of the company answer drawn up to the purpose and plans, and in this regard estimates its position in the market of air transport at the considered timepoint.

Not so long ago Aeroflot entered a new type of direct communication with clients which well proved in foreign airlines — it is phone, on it clients can state wishes on improvement of level of service. On the basis of these calls some innovations were entered: are improved musical (together with such known radio station as "Europe plus") and video programs onboard, a variety of dishes is entered into the menu, etc.

The aiming at receiving the end results is the major requirement to planning, but also plans of airline are constantly corrected, proceeding from the analysis of results of its activity. Management with use of the principles of feedback is cyclic. On the basis of the received information on a condition of production and commercial activity, market condition, a condition of environment there is an updating of the long-term plan, adjustment is more whole than airline, many tactical decisions connected with consolidation of position in the market are made, short-term plans are developed for achievement of end practical results.

4 Division of the international passenger marketing; 4 Administrative management; 4 Management on service of passengers;. 4 Management (department) of advertizing; 5 Management on training of service of passengers.