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The animal husbandry is branch of agriculture of India, the second for value, strongly conceding to plant growing. Cattle is used in country farms generally as draft force. Milk, a skin and leather of animals is used.

The leading branch of agriculture of India - plant growing (4/5 costs of all production). The cultivated area - 140 million hectares, but for new development is practically not present land resources. Agriculture needs an irrigation (40% of cultivated areas are irrigated). The woods are reduced (podsechnoognevy agriculture still remained.

The main part of cultivated areas is occupied under food crops: rice, wheat, corn, etc. The main commercial crops of India - a cotton, jute, tea, a sugar cane, tobacco, olive (a colza, a peanut, etc.). Grow up also rubber-bearing plants, a coconut palm tree, bananas, pineapples, mango, a citrus, spices and spices.