I M Learning To Come Up With Good Ideas

Vocabulary for ngos

empatiyny understanding. On it develop creativity, develop training is a not estimating understanding, and it is based on the rule: "I understand that you feel and think, but I do not analyze and I do not condemn you".

deeply understand other person, an empatiyna, very creatively. Sukhomlinsky: "Any teacher not of m / universal embodiment of all advantages. In everyone something prevails, everyone has a unique zhilinka, is capable to open more brightly than others itself(himself). This sphere is also that personal contribution which brings identity of the teacher in difficult process of influence on pupils".

training has to make constantly as activity creative, big requirements to the teacher and the school student. The teacher in a class has to look as the base of all extensive building of education, but not as expensive and old-fashioned strengthening of all construction.

successfully working teachers teach briskly and interestingly, vary methods, consider Indus. distinctions of pupils, are able to find the correct tone, not dictatorship and not, are intelligently mobile in performance of professional tasks, have the ideals, are reliable in work.

The good teacher seeks to control a class, the best - controls itself(himself) first of all. The earned money, and deep and big satisfaction which cannot be expressed in money. Pupils finish and become good workers, but receive in an award every day the life that they opened that human life with inquisitive mind is remarkable. A great interest - the monograph.

Personal qualities: the trained voice, an extensive lexicon, communication abilities, lack of bad habits, implementation of rules of personal discipline, a step, knowledge of pupils,. ethics, ability to work individually and in group, positive approach to life and pupils, emotional self-checking. In discipline of pupils are necessary condescension in a combination to severity and reasonable insistence for overcoming of mistakes.

respect for feelings of children is more important for it, than "an old silly subject". The good teacher knows that his pupils for responsible, honest and with good knowledge, but the best understands that honesty, in responsibility and civic consciousness it is impossible to train since they are formed in daily work on themselves, but not by means of lectures.

S. T. Shatsky: "The most important idea which for is understood by the teacher is an evolution. affairs, evolution of work and search of a form, ways, methods, communications, causes and effects. phenomena, closely connected with each other".

tests (intelligence, memory, imagination, observation, resilience to suggestion, feeling of time, speed of orientation, logic, ingenuity, spatial representation, coordination of movements, eye estimation, color sensation, sharpness hearing

The indicative list is formed., loony.,.,. qualities with which, on a hypothesis, the teacher has to possess. Then respondents on 5 mark scale estimated quality and degree of its universality. It is possible and add the list.

T. the lake Dreyer opens those intrinsic properties of the identity of the teacher which characterize it comprehensively. Negative sides of its model - lack of structure, the analysis of the complete identity of the teacher. The main function of the teacher after all admits — training, and education - is obviously underestimated. It gave the chance to Donald Midler to draw a conclusion:

Originally professiogramma of the teacher were formed is speculative, deductively. Researchers understood shortcomings of such standard and looked for ways of creation of an objective technique. Such technique gave quantitative expression of the main qualities (degree of their prevalence and importance). Osn. methods of obtaining information necessary for development of the program of the teacher:

Ushinsky: "In education everything has to be based on the identity of the tutor since it is sung. force streams only from a live source of the human person. Any charters and programs, an artificial organism of an institution, it is as if cunning it it was thought up, cannot replace the identity of the tutor in education. Without personal direct influence of the tutor on the pupil the true education getting into character is impossible. Only the personality can affect development and definition of the personality, only character it is possible to form character."

The equipment and technology - independently to create and owls-t methods and working methods. It is impossible to allow templates, stereotypes,. feldsherizm. The aspiration to continuous enrichment and increasing knowledge is necessary.